4 month check up

Whoa. April is over.

  1. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob, Jacob.
    Yes! Time with Jacob has been so fun. He is now a high-purple belt in karate; he still misses the grackle that we saved last week. He is an awesome kid.
  2. Continue to write nearly every weekend.
    Yes. I have been doing this. I think I will cool it a bit now that school has started, but I will not stop writing entirely.
  3. Send two submissions per month.
    Yes! Did this too. Even had something accepted – look for an announcement about new work in the next couple weeks! Again, I think I may cool it a bit in the coming months as I dig back in with school. I’ll probably still try to hit the 2 subs per month, though for a while there I was being a little more ambitious with it.
  4. Complete NaPoMo.
    Oh my goodness. I did it. I actually did it. In fact, I did 32 poems (instead of 30). I got some really solid drafts, and I’m very excited about it. My brain is exhausted. Though I noticed today that at lunchtime, I started to turn over ideas for new poems without realizing it. (Lunch time is when I did a lot of my writing during NaPoMo.)
  5. Spend more time geocaching.
    I attemped to geocache yesterday. Big fail – did not find. I did, however, traipse through a lovely cemetry. Pictures on Facebook, if we’re friends there. And I did hit a few caches earlier in April, too.
  6. Participate in Donna’s Poetry Tow Truck exercises.
    A couple of my poems for NaPoMo were loosely inspired by Donna’s prompts, so I’m going to say yes.
  7. School, school, school.
    Yes! School started yesterday, in fact, and I’m already in the thick of it. This semester: Lit, Cinema, and a computer class.
  8. Think about finding a new job, or learn to balance work/life more appropriately in this one.
    I have only two things to say here: 1) I did not bring work home with me at all during April. 2) There is some discussion happening about changes for me at the office. Both of these things good things.
  9. Act less on impulse and more out of kindness.
    I think this subject requires an entirely separate blog. But to intro that: Andrea recently reminded me of three questions our acupuncturist requires an answer to: “Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?”
  10. Weed out the negativity.
    Slowly. But surely.
  11. Make time to blog twice a week (it stimulates the muses, you know).
    Yes. In fact, I blogged nearly every single day in April.
  12. Take more pictures.
    Yes. As above, see Facebook if we’re friends there.
  13. Stick with kickboxing.
    Yes. More on that later this week, as the studio is thinking about changing the classes to be multi-discipline.
  14. Lose some weight.
    Again, slowly. But surely. And at the very least, I’m eating (and feeling) a lot healthier than before.

1 thought on “4 month check up”

  1. You know, whenever someone talks about being kind I’m always reminded of Naomi Shihab Nye’s “Kindness.” Which is an excellent poem. Glad to see things going well for one of my favorite peoples.

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