Day 28

Two more days. I have 30 poems written (most of which need heavy revision), so I could just stop right now. But I feel like that’s cheating.I have been collecting prompts this week, too, storing them up for future writing sessions. But now, of course, I’m sort of wondering when those writing sessions might occur: school starts in earnest on Monday. I’m taking 3 classes this semester (and every semester for the foreseeable future), and the workload promises to be intense.Wish me luck.

Rachel’s Day 28 Poem: Dear Tornado
Someone Else’s Poem: Carl Phillips’ “Aubade: Some Peaches, After Storm”

Now. A question:
If you had to choose one of these films  to watch and right a paper on, which would you choose?

Citizen Kane
The Godfather (1)
Gone With the Wind
Lawrence of Arabia

3 thoughts on “Day 28”

  1. Like this draft- although I’m not crazy about the fact that Dennis had to take cover three times in the past three days in Nashville.

    Lawrence of Arabia. The other ones, I think, are over-used and over-analyzed as “great” films. And you can’t beat the cinematography and Peter O’Toole’s eyes.

    1. Thanks! You can totally tell, though, that my brain is nearing full-out poetry fatigue. My drafts are definitely getting sloppier. Still, I have two poems to go and a wonderful array of new poems to revise. I feel good about it.

      1. I hear you on the brain fatigue. Although I knocked out Day 29 on a burst of inspiration and I like it so much, I may not post it (I have “extras” as well.) I’ll send it to you.

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