Yesterday I tried to write a poem and couldn’t. Today I didn’t try and then suddenly it happened. I think this is what happens when NaPoMo is nearing its end. Fortunately there were a few days where I wrote two poems, so I’m still ahead.

Rachel’s Day 25 Poem: Letter from My Brother, Who Recommended Thoracic Compression
Someone Else’s Poem: Ross Gay’s very intense “Bringing the Shovel Down”

Today’s poem from someone else is another audio link.

I hope this is the last poem about that damn grackle. He’s still living in my backyard, and still looking pathetic and bedraggled. I tried to catch him today (to take him to a refuge), but it was a feeble attempt and didn’t really work. He slipped beneath the fence into my neighbor’s yard. That was it. I might try again tomorrow.