I got a prompt for today’s poem from Big Tent Poetry, and the prompt is:

Write a poem in which you pull a small object out of your mouth.

I was really excited to try this poem. And I’m really excited about what came of it. I could begin to try to analyze all this stuff, but that would bore you to tears.

Rachel’s Day 13 Poem: Note to the picture of my mother that I pulled out of my mouth this morning
Someone Else’s Poem: Anne Sexton’s “The Truth the Dead Know”

In other news, my friend Ashley (who is awesome) is also doing poem-a-day. She decided to write a poem each day about a different photo on this website, BlackandWTF. Yesterday, she wrote a poem based on my favorite photo of all, and the poem is even about me! You should definitely go check out her blog – she’s posting her poem-a-day work, as well as translation-a-day from the French poet Jacques Prevert.