Day 10

Today I wrote two poems, which was exciting.

In other news, today was the first day we grilled. We made chicken with vegetables, all marinated in delicious dressings. The weather was beautiful and clear. Now my hair smells like campfire.

Speaking of which, I will be heading to Stokes State Forest next weekend for a few days of camping. It’s slated to rain right now; I’m crossing my fingers it’s not another rain-out like last time.

It is now starting to become a little more difficult to find subjects for the letter poems. Today Donna gave me a wonderful prompt for the second poem, which was helpful. Tomorrow I think I want to write a letter to the gentleman who showed up at Borders in some sort of religious robe. He was really a sight to behold.

Rachel’s Day 10 Poem: Farewell Song for a Friendship
Rachel’s Day 10 Bonus Poem: Letter to the Only Girl in JROTC
Someone Else’s Poem: Patricia Smith’s “Medusa”

And since you can’t experience Patricia Smith’s poetry without hearing her perform, here is a video:

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