Day 6

I don’t believe in censorship.

I do, however, believe in compassion. In holding back for the sake of someone else’s feelings. There are plenty of people who would (and have) condemn this point of view, who would (and have) tell me I’m too sensitive, too prone to blow things out of proportion. But I think showing concern for the effect you might have on another person is a pretty important thing.

I used to believe that people, as a whole, are inherently good. I don’t believe that anymore. I believe now that people are inherently selfish. As part of that, I believe that people are inevitably drawn to search out what others might say about them.

It seems that every year during NaPoMo, I write a poem that might piss someone off. This year is no exception.

I suspect that in posting this poem, I’ll be calling upon myself some unwanted attention. I hope that I’m wrong. I think that I have struck the right balance in the poem between non-censorship and compassion, by talking about it but not naming names or discussing the details.

Whatever else you think of it, know that I did not post this without careful consideration.

Rachel’s Day 6 Poem: Note to the Women Who Cyberbullied Me
Someone Else’s Poem: Ross Gay’s “Within Two Weeks, the African-American Poet Ross Gay is Mistaken For Both the African-American Poet Terrance Hayes, and the African-American Poet Kyle Dargan, None of Whom Looks Anything Like the Other.”

(Today’s “Someone Else’s Poem” is a link to audio. I couldn’t find the text online, but the audio is clear and wonderful.)

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