I fell behind on Day 2, but caught up on Day 3. Yay.

Rachel’s Day 2 Poem: Dear Universe
Rachel’s Day 3 Poem: Letter to Lady Gaga
Someone Else’s Poem: Keith Montesano’s “Stargazing”

I love NaPoMo. I love that I can write these absolutely crappy drafts and know that it doesn’t matter. Giving myself the freedom to write (as Peter Murphy says) “shitty first drafts” allows me to push in new directions and try new voices. I think each year NaPoMo generates some pretty substantial growth for me, and that makes me happy.

Also, I should probably clarify in case any of my family read this: poetry on the page is not the same as real life. Sometimes I invent things for poems because they work in the poem, because they make a good story. Not because anyone actually was singing Lady Gaga in the bathroom. Just sayin’.