NaPoMo, poetry


I caved.

NaPoMo thread at PFFA is here.

Rachel’s Day 1 Poem: Letter to My Teenage Cousin
someone else’s Day 1 Poem: William Carlos Williams, “Danse Russe”

(I can’t inflict my own terrible draft on you without recommending a much better poem to you as well.)

I have this vague idea of trying to write 30 letters. The idea started percolating after recently speaking with another poet friend who is hip-deep in an epistolary manuscript – I think hers will be quite different from mine, of course, and I don’t intend to get a whole manuscript out of it. I think I just needed an easy vehicle to try to stay on task with the poems this month, and “letters” seemed vague enough to give me a cohesive thread without narrowing the focus too much.

After spending three solid years on my “mythologies” manuscript, I have a feeling somewhere in my stomach that I’m going to end up swinging back toward the personal.

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