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some things i have been thinking about today

If we are friends on Facebook, you are probably tired of me talking about the Afghan Whigs. Too bad, because they are awesome. I love them. Their album Black Love has been in heavy rotation for the past few days. It just makes me feel that kind of heavy, sick feeling you have when you’re in love with someone and it seems really doomed – you’re desperate and feverish and smoking lots of cigarettes and you can’t help but want them anyway. I felt that way a lot when I was in high school. It’s ridiculous, and mostly I don’t like to remember it, but listening to the Afghan Whigs makes it feel good. Strangely.

Snapfish needs to stop emailing me advertisements. I keep thinking that I’m going to open my email to find a response to a poetry submission, and instead I find an invitation to pay 9 cents for prints of my photographs.

What Tami Said has a really good, intelligent review of the movie Sucker Punch. I think Donna wanted to give this movie the benefit of the doubt, as it appeared to be graphic-novel inspired blah blah blah. But many graphic novels have just as many issues with -isms and -ations as more mainstream art media, and so I wasn’t that optimistic. (Personally, I wrote the movie off as a soft-porn trigger-fest when I saw the first preview, and it looks like I was right.)

This weekend my son showed me the video game Destroy All Humans! and I was horrified. It’s like Halo or something for “kids” (I don’t know, I don’t play video games), except not really. The character that you, as the player, control runs around saying things like “Kill first and ask questions later.” Yeah. Great. Plus the backstory is absurdly sexual and complicated, and I just really don’t understand why people think that game violence isn’t violent because it is. And I know I’m becoming that annoying hippie parent who is like NO WAIT YOU SHOULD JUST HUM AND PLAY GUITAR AND LOVE ALL THE BUNNIES AND FLOWERS but I don’t mind that at all. I think 8 is too young to understand the complexities of subtext, context, and all other kinds of -text.

But I don’t think that 30-something is too young to take an interest in social and cultural behaviors, and so it baffles me when people don’t want to do that.

I am not in love with poetry right now, and want to make things with my hands. So if anyone wants to give me money / teach me things so I can learn to do these things properly, give me send me an email (rebpoetry[at]yahoo[dot]com): a) sew, b) letterpress, c) make jewelry, d) book bind. Also, you will need to do my homework and my laundry for me, too, so I can have enough time for the fun things that you will be paying for / teaching me.

Oh crap I need to garden.

1 thought on “some things i have been thinking about today”

  1. I can agree with your fear of Destroy All Humans! as a game. The writing alone leaves one to question along with the goals of probing, blasting and other quests you take on. The sequel(s) cover more risque matter and topics, so be forewarned.

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