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some things i am excited about

I have been having lots of fun with photography apps for my iPhone. Look:


Plus I have been taking some pictures with my actual camera:


I have been kind of obsessed lately with the way things fall apart. I drove around for a while on Sunday taking pictures of old farms and the abandoned site of a former HoJo (omg I can’t believe they are still operating locations). Since Sunday I have seen a number of things that I want to take pictures of. Clearly I need to carry my camera all the time.

I cannot stop listening to PJ Harvey’s Let England Shake. The music is perfect and clean and wonderful and Harvey’s voice ranges from childlike to strong and uncompromising. It’s incredibly moving and I feel inspired by it, to do lots of things: write more, take more pictures, travel, everything. Yes.

And holy crap, National Poetry Month is, like, one week away. I don’t know – in years past I have tried to do so many things to celebrate: Free Verse photographs, writing a poem a day, posting someone else’s poem each day. This year I think I will do something way more low key, like read a poem a day. And I’m intending to try to write a poem a day, but I have no plans to participate in tracking it online anywhere. I think I need a break from poem-ing for a while.

There are tons of things I want to do, too. I want to take a letterpress class, a bookbinding class. I want to participate in this crazy video contest that A Silent Film is running (but I probably won’t because a) the song is not my favorite and b) I don’t make movies). I want to geocache and go hiking and camping and kayaking. I want to lie in the grass in the backyard and stare at the sky for awhile. I want to write some more. I keep trying to remind myself that there is time for everything, that I need to slow down.

Spring, as cliched as it sounds, is such a time of growth and opportunity for me. I am going to take advantage of it as best I can.

2 thoughts on “some things i am excited about”

  1. Sounds like your creative juices are in full flow- and I will check out the Silent Film link – I really like their music. (Although I don’t make movies, either.) I will not be posting all of my poem-a-day work, although I will attempt it as much as possible. Things are blooming…

  2. Spring and creativity go so well together. I know you can do any of those things, and do them well, so I am excited to see which ones you choose. Or which choose you, however that goes.

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