om nom nom (or, a shout-out to Smitten Kitchen)

After a much-need break from Teh Interwebz, I have returned to show you that lately I have felt like cooking.

Some recent attempts (this is not, however, a food blog, so my pictures are not great) using recipes from my current favorite food blog, Smitten Kitchen:

Chili with Sour Cream & Cheddar Biscuits:

Recipe here. I modified it to use turkey instead of beef. SK recommends serving this “shortbread style,” but I found it was saucy and hearty enough to eat in a bowl with a biscuit on the side. Also: those biscuits have quite the kick; be careful with the jalapeno.

Empanadas with a Green Onion Slaw:

I used a few different recipes here – both the dough and the chicken filling recipes can be found here. The dough is amazingly easy to work with, and I loved it. (You can see I’m totally not practiced in the art of dough, though – I think I just need more time.) The vegetable filling (which you can see above the fork; that corn-tomato mess) was mostly invented for my vegetarian friend – corn, tomato, onion and spinach tossed in an oil-based marinade. She loved it. The slaw was from a different pairing; check out this entry for the slaw recipe.

Also, Bretzels!

Not exactly the most beautiful pretzel roll ever, but super easy to make (rising and bake time excluded, took less than 30 minutes to actively prepare). Tasted delicious, even a few days later. Recipe here. Jacob absolutely loved these.

I should probably also mention that I made my first tart this year, also using a Smitten Kitchen recipe – this one, in fact, which features a jam filling (I used D’Arbo Apricot Jam) and a cornmeal-almond crust. Amazing.

I first happened upon Smitten Kitchen a few years ago, when I decided to make mini chocolate cakes for Christmas using this ridiculously delicious recipe (I got through 22 cakes before I broke my leg and had to put a stop to all Christmas-homemade-goods festivities). Since then I have scoured the SK archives and used a pretty big handful of recipes, including this fantastic mushroom one, and several awesome cookie recipes.

I have so many more I want to try. Next up, I think, is this one, a red potato and blue cheese tart.

Of course, no kitchen adventure would be complete without helpers, so I have to give credit where credit is due.


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