friday goodness

friday goodness: the bird edition

Happy Friday! This has been a difficult week for me at work, so I’m happy to see the weekend is here. Also, it’s rainy and nearing 60 degrees today, which makes the everything smell like spring. So in celebration of the approaching spring, let us commence with the birding:

1. I want to build these things. And then hang birdhouses from them.

2. NASA, revised!

3. This is old news, and sad, but: all the Red-Winged Blackbirds that died in Arkansas on New Year’s Day? Not an apocalypse. Just some knucklehead using professional-grade fireworks and scaring the crap out of them while they were roosting for the night.

4. Obama is gettin’ down with Portlandia, y’all.

5. You should go check out PJ Harvey’s new album Let England Shake. The cover art features ink sketches of birds.

6. NPR: the best source for news and birds.

7. Transformer Owl!

8. My car would be so much better if it had a bird on it.

9. Yes, now I can enjoy Twilight.

10. And in case you don’t know it already, watch this clip.

And then go here:

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