Shortly after I watched Clean House: Messiest Home in America, Donna and I decided to start spring cleaning. We’re taking a room each week and really, really cleaning: emptying cabinets, wiping down walls, organizing for a yard sale. In the process, I found a Polaroid camera I bought on ebay a few years ago for $20:

The camera still works, and I had taken a few mildly successful photos with it when I first bought it. Then I ran out of film, and that was that.

As part of the deal to keep this camera (rather than yard sale it), I agreed to buy some film and start using it. It took some doing, as the original Polaroid film is no longer manufactured and available stocks have expired. But fortunately a new company has picked up where Polaroid left off.

The Impossible Project‘s website was undeniably designed for hipsters: sleek minimalist layout; an advert for a photo exhibit inspired by (or focused on) the Decemberists; a link to a shop that carries only a handful of films at just-this-side-of-cringeworthy prices; enough instant film education to satisfy any nerd. It’s a wonderful thing.

I bought 2 packs of the SilverShade film for 600 series Polaroids. I ike the potential this film has, though I shot the first two exposures (below) in my kitchen, where the light was a little too intense. It’s going to take some adjustment to hit the right balance, but it’s going to be an expensive venture.

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