music, race

post-grammys; post-racial. right?

I watched the Grammys on Sunday night, and while I do not intend to offer any sort of in-depth critique or analysis of what I saw, I will tell you that I enjoyed pretty much all of it. It was entertaining, if nothing else. I thought Muse was spectacular, I squealed with joy when Cee Lo was performing. And then I got really confused when people started talking about Lady Antebellum.

Honestly, not ever having bothered to find out otherwise, I made the assumption that Lady Antebellum was a female hip-hop or dance artist whose name was meant to be challenging and subversive. What made me assume that? A few things – laziness, first of all, but also the fact that the only other two artists I know who use “Lady” as part of their public personae are Lady Gaga and Lady Sovereign, each of whom is subversive and “othered” in her own way.

So imagine my surprise when a Southern country act got up on stage to do what they do.

What Tami Said has a great blog post about the naming of this band. You should just go read that, it pretty much covers everything I was thinking – and then some.

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