Each year, I make resolutions. Last year, I think I resolved to write every weekend, and to send 2 submissions each month to poetry journals. Mostly, I fail to keep these resolutions (although I have been writing much more consistently lately). My lack of resolve, however, doesn’t stop me from continuing to make the resolutions. So here we go:

  1. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob, Jacob.
  2. Continue to write nearly every weekend.
  3. Submit manuscript to at least 5 contests. – COMPLETE! (Feb 2011)
  4. Send two submissions per month.
  5. Complete NaPoMo. – COMPLETE! (April 2011)
  6. Spend more time geocaching.
  7. Participate in Donna’s Poetry Tow Truck exercises.
  8. Participate in the Small Stones project.
  9. Actually get back to Nic Sebastian on that Voice Alpha guest-blog invite. And maybe write a guest-blog.COMPLETE! (Feb 2011)
  10. School, school, school. – COMPLETE!* (April/May 2011)
  11. Think about finding a new job, or learn to balance work/life more appropriately in this one.
  12. Act less on impulse and more out of kindness.
  13. Weed out the negativity.
  14. Make time to blog twice a week (it stimulates the muses, you know).
  15. Take more pictures.
  16. Stick with kickboxing.
  17. Lose some weight.

Whew. I don’t think I’ve ever made so many resolutions for one year. Some of them are bound to stick, eh?

I have a vague idea that I might lay out a road map to achieving these goals. We’ll see about that.

*Marked as complete though it will continue throughout 2011