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i’m marvelous

So holy goodness, I haven’t written anything in 2 weeks. Weird.

Work has been overwhelming, in both good and bad ways. The good: I’m getting a raise. It’s not as much as I’d hoped, but I’m really pleased that there’s something happening in that area, and it will be helpful. The bad: the volume of work is just so high. I have been working until 11 or 12 every night this week (thank goodness for laptops), and I just finally managed to clear my desk about 10 minutes ago. Phew. But, in more good news, we’ve hired another person for my department, so I’m hoping to shift the load pretty quickly and share the fun.

Tomorrow I am going to Jacob’s class to run a small writing workshop with the kids. Donna gave me a great idea for a writing exercise, and I’m going to try to pull it off. Jacob is less than excited about having to do poetry in class, probably because he hears so freaking much about it at home. It’s a little sad for me that he’s not really interested in poetry, though I understand it’s not as engaging as, say, music, where there is some instant gratification: pluck a guitar string, hit a drum, press a piano key, and you get noise. Write a poem? Nothing but silence, except the noise in your own head. :shrug:

On Sunday I’ll be leaving for a weeklong workshop here:

Beautiful, right? I can’t wait: me, my computer, Dean Young and amazing weather for a week of intensive writing and workshopping.

Did I mention Dean Young will be there?

I’ve been reading his books for the past few weeks, and they’re fantastic, really. I can’t wait to get to Provincetown.

(poor Dean: if he’s a self-googler, he might find this picture, and wonder who on earth is coming to this workshop)

2 thoughts on “i’m marvelous”

  1. First, you are marvelous. Duh. Second, awesome photo tribute to Dean Young. Third, JEALOUS! Fourth, if you need a few tips for making that lesson work, email me. You’ll be great – and the kids will amaze you.

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