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amanda palmer is a freaking rock star.


Her show was amazing, full of energy. Her opening act / back up band, Nervous Cabaret, were out of control. Sexy, sexy music. We were at the TLA, in the balcony, and twice she came to stand in the exact spot where we were sitting. She spoke to us briefly, and we just sort of stared in awe. She is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, in person.

I bought one of the guys in Nervous Cabaret a beer, then asked him to give Amanda a copy of Imprimatur for me. He agreed, and later handed it to her on stage. I watched her flip through it briefly before starting her set. That was surreal.

I still haven’t been able to formulate sentences to express all the things I wanted to say about her show. But it was nuts.

In the meantime, some video:

Ask Amanda
Mrs. O

(search some of the other Philly vids, too – there’s a great one of Amanda covering “That’s Not My Name”)

And some pictures on Flickr.


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