There is nothing for me but to love you.

On Sunday, my friend Karen married her boyfriend John. I served as her maid of honor, something I was proud to do. When she asked me nearly a year ago, I hesitated – I had both political and personal reservations about weddings and everything that goes along with them, and I was a little worried about how conflicted I would feel. It didn’t take me long to realize that all I want in this world is to take time to celebrate with my friends, and nothing would be more selfish than to refuse to join in the celebration.

Standing next to Karen on Sunday, I knew everyone in that room was making the right decision: for Karen and John, it was to commit to each other. For everyone else, it was to support them in their committment, both as a couple and as individuals.

As for the wedding itself, everything was lovely: Karen looked gorgeous, John was incredibly handsome (there’s a reason we called him The Hot Boyfriend). The food was delicious, the restaurant was picture-perfect, and the company was highly entertaining.

It’s almost like a fairy tale.

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