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friday goodness

Not an official one, but just some good happenings for the day:

New poem up in Wicked Alice – “Eve Considers Her Life.” It’s one of the final poems from Imprimatur to be published; Sotto Voce will have “Via Dolorosa” up sometime this fall/winter, and then I’ll be finishing up Imprimatur in time for a December 15th (ish) release.

And speaking of Imprimatur, I made some compromises around the paper issue – the onion skin never worked out, as every printer I tried jammed. So I decided to rely on standard stock, with a few modifications to the layout and the binding. I ran a test copy last night and things are looking good. I’m going to be running copies all weekend and into next week, I think, and hopefully by Halloween I’ll be playing with binding. I’m going to attempt to use Japanese stab binding, though I fear the book isn’t big enough to accommodate it. We’ll see.

Oh! And today is Oscar Wilde’s birthday – woo! To celebrate, here’s a video:

Happy Friday everyone!

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