Tonight Jacob went to his friend Desmond’s house to play for awhile. They’ve been trying to arrange some play time for several days, and due to parental schedules on both sides, today is the first time it’s been possible. I walked him across the street to Desmond’s, where we arranged that I would come back at 7:30 to pick him up.

At 7:22 my phone rang, showing “Desmond’s Dad” on the caller ID. Turns out Jacob wanted to come home RIGHT NOW, due to the splinter in his foot. Figuring it was no big deal, Donna went in search of tweezers and a safety pin while I went to pick up Jake.

I entered Desmond’s house at 7:24 to find Jacob sobbing hysterically on the couch, watching Spongebob with snot all over his face. I took a look at his foot – holy crap. It wasn’t a splinter, it was a freaking log. I got a good grip on his foot and tugged – no dice. It was in there pretty well.

Desmond’s father and I spent the next 20 minutes arguing with a hysterical Jacob, trying to convince him to let us take the splinter out. Ultimately, I held him down and Desmond’s dad pulled. It didn’t come easily, but finally it did slide out.

The aftermath:

And Jacob’s take on the situation:

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