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Today is National Coming Out Day! Whoo! As such, we’ll be headed over into Philly to check out Outfest, the Gayborhood’s NCOD celebration.

Our one disappointment is that we couldn’t go to Washington for the National Equality March. However, three weeks isn’t quite enough time to plan a trip down there, and we have some friends tagging along to Outfest today.

But, as cheesy as it sounds, we’re there in spirit. We wish we could have tagged along with Ashraf & Co., but they’ll have to take on the march without us.

Do me a favor: if you know someone who’s gay, lesbian, bisexual or trans, give them a hug today. Tell them you love them, and that it makes you happy that they trust you enough to be out.

It means a lot more than one might think when your friends and family are supportive.

3 thoughts on “Outfest”

  1. Rach…I love you to death….You have always been one of the greatest people I know…Not because of what you do…but because of who you are…when you came out to me @ Ott’s…years ago…it actually made ME feel special that you trusted in me enough to do so…You rock my face off….

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