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being awesome WIN

Last week, Kim Ficera, author of Sex, Lies and Stereotypes, and all around kick-ass person, posted a note on Facebook that she was looking for guest bloggers for her blog, Pimp My Wry. After a brief email exchange, I present to you my being awesome WIN for this Friday:

my guest blog over at Pimp My Wry!

I take on Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s plagiarism scandal – check it out for yourself!

And while we’re at it, let me just jump up and down like a little girl for a second: Kim Ficera posted something I wrote. All kinds of yay!

2 thoughts on “being awesome WIN”

  1. hellooooo…. that's so totally awesome!!!!!!! congrats, rachel. You did a pimp job on the write-up, too. Good for you!


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