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Two new poems, “The Second Fall” and “Via Dolorosa,” accepted by Sotto Voce this morning. And guess what? They pay!

These poems are two of the final three that needed homes before I could move forward with Imprimatur. I have only one left, “Eve Considers Her Life,” and while I think I might struggle to place it, I’m ok with that. Sotto Voce holds exclusive first rights for 120 days, which means that the poems cannot be republished during that time period. This gives me four months to find a home for “Eve,” and / or to come to terms with the idea that she might only ever live in Imprimatur.

I can now also get serious about laying out, setting and binding the project. Finally.

7 thoughts on “poetry news”

  1. There is no greater validation for your art than the willingness of someone else to pay for it.

    Rock on, Rachel.

  2. What's funny is that I'm not sure which Ron this is: my dad, my brother, or my poetry friend?

    But thanks! 🙂

  3. Congratulations. The publications page on your web site must be five miles long by now. I'll have to go check.

    See you Saturday.

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