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NaPoMo Day 29

I’m throwing in the towel.

My work life has consumed pretty much everything else recently. I have not taken a lunch in days, which means that my during-the-day writing time is non-existent. And in the evenings, if I’m not housekeeping or running to teeball, I just really want to go to bed.

I’m kind of pissed – I was three poems away from finishing. But I just can’t see a way around this.

There’s always next year.

3 thoughts on “NaPoMo Day 29”

  1. You could always write three shitty drafts and say “DONE…” but I understand. The work you did was WAY better than what most of us turned out in the month, anyway.

  2. My opinion of NaPo is pretty clear (PFFA), so I’ll just say that setting aside quantitative demands you won’t meet for the sake of quality is no defeat. Quality always must win.

    So, good for you.

    I used to go to school in southern NJ, and knew the Pine Barrens fairly well. It’s been a long time, though, and now I live in Oregon and Ecuador and Japan–simultaneously in spirit, anyway.


  3. Rachel, I totally agree with the above post – QUALITY over QUANTITY, ALWAYS! I’ve never – NEVER finished a 30:30 project. I’ve quit beating myself up for it. You have 27 poems you didn’t have before, right? Look at it in those terms, instead.

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