A few weeks ago, I received a phone call at work from the police department in Leroy, Illinois – they were investigating, in conjunction with the county sheriff’s department, the abduction of two children, ages 7 and 9. The children’s father was scheduled to return the children to their mother after a court-ordered visitation, and he failed to appear. My company was his most recent employer, and he had been laid off at the end of February. The police were seeking information that would aid in the investigation. Over the past three weeks, I’d heard that the FBI and the US Marshals were involved in the investigation, and the kids’ father was on America’s Most Wanted.

Today I got word that, three weeks later, the police found his car. His sons were inside. He was nearby. All three were deceased.

There are a lot of things I want to say, and pretty much all of them start with the F-word. None of them seem appropriate.

I can’t even begin to imagine the heartbreak this mother must be feeling.