So in the shuffle of going away, coming home and then getting sick, the news of a wondrous arrival was lost:

My typewriter came!

I’ve been thinking for awhile about how I wanted to try composing on a typewriter – something about the satisfying clack of keys, I think. I’ve heard other contemporary poets like to do it, too (someone recently mentioned they thought Tony Hoagland is a typewriter fan). I followed a few on eBay to get a sense of pricing for awhile, and then found this item, a vintage Royal Quiet De Luxe, listed for $9.99 + shipping. Sweet deal, I thought – and I was right. Total spent to get the thing to my house: less than $30.00. And she works like a charm.

I’ve also gathered most of the other materials needed for making the bible-poems-books. I have a ream of onion skin paper waiting for me (though I’ll need more, I’m sure), and after some conversations with, I received my samples of the leatherette covers, which will do very nicely. I settled on a title, Imprimatur, and I started fiddling with layout ideas last night. I also tried typing out a few samples on the onion skin:

So far, so good – though I definitely will need lots of practice.

The project will be labor intensive – I’m looking at doing a limited edition run, so probably 40 copies of the manuscript. But that means typing each poem out 40 times. I initially thought I’d do 20 poems – though I think most of them will run to more than one piece of the onion skin, so perhaps fewer than 20. And after the typing, I’ll need to bind everything, and figure out how to create the title and design on the covers. (Anyone have experience with embossing or foil stamping?) I’m setting a loose deadline for myself: I’m hoping that by summer, I’ll be finished producing them.

Whoo! Projects are fun.