I had my first physical therapy appointment today. I was nervous going in, as I was sure it was going to hurt. But the therapists were really nice, and didn’t push too hard. I left after about half an hour of work with a sheet of exercises to do twice a day, and instructions to return three times a week for the next few weeks. Woot.

I am now entirely crutch-free, which is a great feeling. And though the foot is still swollen, the awful discoloration has pretty much disappeared entirely, except for a plum-colored stripe on the underside of my foot. Yum.

This weekend, I’m heading to Cape May for the annual Winter Poetry and Prose Getaway. I’m so excited for the weekend, and I just found out yesterday that one of the women I met last year (who is a pretty fantastic poet) is going again, so I’m anxious to see and talk to her again.

I got my delivery of onionskin paper on Saturday, which is part one of the bible poems project. I’m debating titles now, and waiting on samples of leatherflex from mybinding.com to see about potentially binding the books by hand. (If you’re looking for binding materials, they are pretty awesome, and the staff is super friendly and helpful.) Donna picked up a book on bookbinding from the library for me, and I’m trying to get hold of a typewriter on a temporary basis – I think I will end up having to type the poems by hand in order to size it correctly.

Donna and I have been talking art a lot lately, which is a good thing. It’s nice to be in a relationship with an artist who supports me in that respect. Our conversation yesterday centered around artists and their egos and insecurities, which exist in equal parts, despite that strange contradiction. And then I read her a Beth Ann Fennelly poem called “We’d Been Drinking Champagne When I Found It,” which is beautiful and mimics the movement of a hurricane with its shape.

I want to get back to issue-blogging, but I’ve been a little unmotivated in that department. We’ll see what happens.

Bloggables subjects coming up:
2009 Blog for Choice Day on January 22
the post-getaway recap
the inauguration on January 20
more art stuff

Stay tuned!