Yes, the occasional Friday Goodness! Onward:

1. Tracy Chapman has a new album out! Yeah!

2. This video made me laugh. I think it might be the serious, unchanging facial expression as the voice ranges in tone. God bless the interwebs.

3. Ashley has healthy lungs.

4. Tomorrow is November 15 – which means that nationwide, there are demonstrations taking place in response to the passage of the anti-gay ballot initiatives that were passed in California, Arizona, Arkansas and Florida. Find your city.

5. I’m taking Jacob to see Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa tonight. He’s super excited, and so am I, actually.

6. New season of Top Chef started this week!

7. I can’t wait until this is my life.

8. My lovely friend Karen got engaged this week! Hooray for her!

9. Watch out; I has tuf.

10. And finally, Andy takes a shot at the Republicans on Election Night:

Happy Friday, y’all!