So Google is, like, mind-blowingly encompassing. Gmail, Picasa, maps, Blogger – the Google family of services and products is awesome, and I love it all. Well, all that I’ve used so far, anyway.

I came to Blogger from JournalSpace, which is a more community oriented blogging site. I got used to the ability to view who reads my blog, and when I came to Blogger, I wanted to find a way to continue that practice. Oh, I know, it’s pretty useless and vain – along the lines of googling oneself – but it’s a practice I enjoyed. And that’s how I found Google Analytics.

The tool is a lot more powerful than what I actually need, since it was designed for business use. I don’t know what bounce rates or conversion goals are, or how to use them. But I do know that the Network Properties and Network Location tracking fulfills that simple key function of quelling my irrational need to know who’s reading me. I know that most of my friends use Comcast as a service provider (as that holds the #1 spot), that Don reads me at work (hello, Nissan!) and so does Donna. And I know that someone at the Atlantic County Public Library has read my blog 38 times in the past 30 days. Neat. Hi, whoever you are!

One of the super-fun features of GA is it’s ability to break down the readership by country. Check this out:

So you can see that most of my readers are US based, with the UK and Australia close behind. Germany is also at the top of this list, and because I think it’s a fantastic country, I decided today is Celebrate (Some) Things German Day! here on Metrophobic.

Here are the German things to celebrate (please excuse the lack of umlauts):

1. Verboten Liebe
I will readily admit to never having seen any of this German soap opera. My quirky girlfriend Donna, however, swears by it. Focusing on the cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf, the show is currently revolving around an aristocratic and a middle class family. Someone is addicted to cocaine, women are falling in love with either their brothers or each other, fathers are having affairs with ex-wives’ fathers’ ex-wives… It’s ridiculous. Donna likes to pretend that she’s learning German this way, but I think she’s really just watching the pretty ladies kiss.

2. Hofbrauhaus
I went to Germany when I was 17, with my high school. Of course we went to the Hofbrauhaus in Munich – that was a lot of beer. Fortunately the good folks at the brewhouse cut off the young Americans at some point, and we all made it home safely. But damn: that was a lot of beer.

3. German Beer
Enough said.

Heidelberg Castle
I slept on the lawn of this castle once. It was amazing and beautiful. There was an orchestra playing a show.

5. The Black Forest
I haven’t been there yet. Yet. But I want to go.

6. Pumpernickel
Did you know this amazing bread is German? I did. It is delicious.

7. Johannes Gutenberg
Yes: movable type, oil-based ink, the printing press. How I doth heart thee, Johannes.

8. Music
Seriously: Beethoven, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Bach. Even Wagner, he of the unfortunate political views. Newer German music, maybe not so much: Scorpions? Rammstein? Eh, I’ll pass. But composers? Hell yes.

9. A healthy disrespect for Scientology.
If anyone is still laboring under the misperception that Scientology is anything more (or less) than a greed-driven dangerous cult, then, well, don’t move to Germany.

10. Rothenburg ob der Tauber
This city is great. It’s pretty, and the people in it were kind to this young American tourist who couldn’t say more than “Your mom wears pants” and “Hello.” Plus, they sold really wonderful bread for cheap.

Oh Germany. Some day I will come back to you.