The list of Lifetime-movie-special tales of teenage sex and woe is ever growing. She’s Too Young; Thirteen; Fifteen and Pregnant; Girl, Positive – really, it’s disturbing. Although it’s probably a good thing that movies are being made that address teenage sexuality, STDs and pregnancy. They’re not handled particularly well across the board, but a dialogue has been started – and that’s something, right?

I have spent only about 40 minutes so far watching the movie She’s Too Young – which is badly written, low-budget and completely melodramatic. I am completely horrified, but not by the crappy production . It’s more about the disgusting behavior of the teenagers. I’m not surprised at all by the act the boys in the movie put on to get in the girls’ pants (the “nice guy, it’s not about sex” routine). But then there’s the scene at a house where two girls are babysitting: two boys show up for drinking and an orgy (yes, an orgy!) while the child being babysat relaxes in the kitchen with a tumbler of orange juice, some crackers and cartoons. I’m sorry: what the hell happened? When I was 14, we did not go babysit as a cover for an orgy.

The movie, of course, is just a flimsy vehicle for the pro-chastity, slut-shaming movement. But still, it’s effective, even for a feminist like me: I have never been so happy to have a son. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but I’m feeling right now like it’ll be at least a little easier to teach a boy about respect and boundaries than it will to teach a girl how to draw those boundaries without feeling bad about it.