Donna suggested in an effort to attract positive energy that I do a Friday Goodness. After all, it is Friday – and there ain’t nothin’ gooder than that! Let’s dive in:

1. After today, I will be out of the office until Tuesday, July 29th. Woooo!

2. This time next week, I expect to be shlepping around Sacramento (after a brief detour in Orlando for work). Also wooo!

3. I mentioned previously that I was nominated for the anthology Best New Poets – out of 2500 poems, 50 are chosen for inclusion in the anthology. My poem was not selected, however, Patrick Ryan Frank’s poem “Virginitiphobia” was, and that is wonderful. It is quite possibly the best poem I have read so far this year.

4. L.P. is currently working on her third album!

5. This made me laugh. Out loud.

6. I have a reading coming up on August 11th at the Barnes and Noble Market Fair in Princeton. I’m going to bring Jacob, which should be funny.

7. The new Poet Laureate of the US has been announced: meet Kay Ryan. Ryan is the 16th Poet Laureate and the 47th consultant to the Library of Congress; out of those 47, she is only about the 12th woman to hold the position.

8. XKCD also makes me laugh.

9. I am wearing plaid sneakers today. Plaid is good.

10. Here’s a funny picture for you, compliments of PassiveAggressiveNotes:

(click to make it bigger)
(’cause this is totally one of my compulsions)

Happy Friday, y’all!