As you may have noted from my whining here, it’s been fairly stressful at work. So I am taking this opportunity to give myself a little comic relief – I present here, in the grand tradition of VH1’s Best Week Ever, and AfterEllen’s Best Lesbian Week Ever:

Rachel’s Best. Stressful. Week. Ever.
Totally inane, completely useless, and a good way for me to avoid calling back the folks who leave me long-winded voicemails:

Best Face of the Week:
Jacob, with marker

Best New Jersey License Plate:
Tim – and it really is oh-so-Jersey

Best Egg:
Goose Egg, compliments of my sister-in-law’s parents

Best Quote of the Week, out of context:
“I don’t enjoy hanging out with 50-year-olds and girls you’ve fucked.”

Best Stressful Moment of the Week:
Being thrown under the bus at a meeting I wasn’t event at by a coworker hardly knows me for something I did correctly.

Now, who’s ready for a beer?