Not really. It’s Monday. Day 1 of week 2. All seems to be going well.

San Luis Obispo County has some fantastic wineries, in case you were wondering. Talley and Wolff Creek were the two I visited, followed by a trip to Tsurugi for sushi. Yum.

After a four and a half hour drive in greater Los Angeles area traffic, my brother was a welcome relief from the salespeople I’ve been dealing with all week. Understandably, the folks I’ve been seeing are nervous as they’re interviewing for new jobs, but it’s difficult to deal with nervous people all day. Instead, I got to have beers (and wine) to my sarcastic jackass of a brother, who made me feel better about all sorts of things. His in-laws (whose house I stayed at) were as gracious as ever, ready to accomodate me last minute. I didn’t feel quite as bad about house crashing, as I brought 2 and a half pounds of fresh Dungeness crab with me. Long story.

Tonight: beer. Again. It’s a long day.