Cara at The Curvature has updated her entry about those horrendous rape-advocacy shirts available at CafePress. Though I did a brief search last night through their terms of service, I didn’t find any info on the CafePress website indicating that there was any sort of restriction on the content marketed through the site. But this is why Cara‘s my hero: she found this page, which is a content usage policy. It details some guidelines for questionable material and prohibited content, including:

  • Use of marks that signify hate towards another group of people.
  • Hate and/or racist terms.
  • Obscene and vulgar comments and offensive remarks that harass, threaten, defame or abuse others such as F*** (Ethnic Group).
  • Content that depicts violence, is obscene, abusive, fraudulent or threatening such as an image of a murder victim, morgue shots, promotion of suicide, etc.
  • Content that glamorizes the use of “hard core” illegal substance and drugs such as a person injecting a vial of a substance in their body.
  • Material that is generally offensive or in bad taste, as determined by

CafePress also offers an email address to report violations of these guidelines – you can email them at

I thought for a while about this situation. While I believe in free speech and I am generally anti-censorship, I also believe that advocating behavior that is harmful to another person is incredibly unacceptable. I emailed CafePress and asked them to discontinue the sale of products that promote violence and hatred toward women, and that glorify rape. I hope you will too.

Some of the content I am objecting to:
No Means Yes
Calm Down! Don’t Make this RAPE into a MURDER Case.
You can’t rape the willing.
Oh, that poor, poor woman.
Bind, Torture, Kill
Roofies: Medicate Your Date
Chloroform. It’s My Move.
I Heart Aquadots. (the graphic on this shirt is the molecular structure of GHB, a date rape drug)
You can’t rape the willing (but I can certainly try.) (a different shirt from the link above)
I “heart” getting raped.
Serial Rapist

And, for any individual that thinks my feminist position means I think it’s ok to advocate violence against rapists as a form of revenge, please note: I also oppose the following products (and others like them):

Rape Prevention Kit (features a gun with two bullets)
Castrate Rapists
When Will Somebody Have the Balls to Castrate Sex Offenders?