Seriously, it must be. First there was the whole clip from The View, totally dissing on Thomas Beatie. Then there was the frustratingly inane discussion in class about female suicide bombers (most of my classmates were absolutely opposed to the idea that female bombers could assume responsibility for their own actions; they were entirely convinced that the women were totally brainwashed). And now this, via The Curvature:

You can apparently by tee shirts that spoof rape.

Some potential slogans?

“Serial Rapist. :)”
“Anti-Abortion! But Pro-Date-Rape”
“Rape: My Favorite Hobby”
“No Means Yes”
“I Put the Sensual Back in Nonconsensual”
“Calm Down! Don’t make this rape into a murder case!”
“Roofies: Medicate Your Date”
“Chloroform. It’s My Move.”
“You can’t rape the willing (but I can certainly try)”

Oh, there are many, many more of these tee shirts available at places like Cafe Press. I’m not sure what to do here: I totally oppose censorship in all situations. But I also oppose violence, and this, to me, clearly promotes violence.

Guess what, people? SEXUAL VIOLENCE IS NOT A JOKE.

I’ll say it again, for those of you who didn’t get it the first time:


It’s not funny. It’s not humorous or amusing or light-hearted.