In trawling around YouTube today looking for music to listen to, I realized that Rihanna’s song “Umbrella” is, like, a hugely popular song to cover. I found the original here, but then I also found:

Mandy Moore’s cover (currently my favorite) – a soulful version
the Plain White T’s cover – the emo version
Marie Digby’s cover – Michelle Branch-style
this guy Alejandro Manzano of some band called Boyce Avenue – the boy band version?
this absolutely hysterical cover by Vanilla Sky – the pop/punk version
Lillasyster’s cover – the rock version
Ooh, Tegan and Sara doing a live cover
Biffy Clyro – this is a Britpop version, I guess
This brave soul doing a jazz guitar version – his voice is not the greatest, but it’s a good start
All Time Low’s cover – more pop/punk
McFly’s version – and more pop/punk
Amy Martin – some open mic performance, I think, but she’s got a nice voice
Audrey Butler doing a ukulele version – come on, that takes some guts
I think this is supposed to be a swing version.
A Tagalog version – seriously.
And some strange metal version.

This doesn’t even touch on all the random YouTube users that have posted videos of themselves playing acoustic guitar in their bedrooms.

I’m just sayin’, that’s a lot of covers.