On Monday evenings, while I’m at class, Donna faithfully picks Jacob up from school, sorts the inevitable mountain of school paperwork into piles (“keep,” “trash,” “really cute artwork that Jacob made”), gets him started on homework and dinner, and hangs out with him until I get home at 8ish – just in time to get Jacob into bed.

Tonight, there was a bit of drama: Jacob‘s lost glasses have been found (on the playground, in the dirt), but he still isn’t that good about wearing them. Donna had to do some searching to find them (tucked safely into the front pocket of his bookbag), and when she found them, she also discovered Jacob‘s daytime snack, a fruit-and-grain bar. He should have eaten that snack this morning, during Kindergarten. The following conversation ensued:

Donna: Jacob, did you eat your snack today?
Jacob: Yes.
Donna: But it’s still in your backpack.
Jacob: What’s in my backpack?
Donna: A Nutrigrain bar.
Jacob: But I thought the grapes were my snack.
Donna: What grapes?
Jacob: There were grapes in my desk.
Donna: *sigh* Were they mushy?
Jacob: Oh. Yeah.

Jacob goes to AM Kindergarten, and he shares his desk with a child from the PM session. We think those grapes may have come from someone else. The funny thing is, there was no class in session last week – the school was on spring break. Jacob‘s class this morning was the first class to take place since Friday, March 21. Eww.