So last night I got the pleasant surprise of two comments on my most recent recap of Transamerican Love Story – the first was from Calpernia herself, and the second was from the contestant Shawn, who I’ve been referring to as Mr. Smooth. Very, very cool – both mentioned that they’ve been reading my recaps each week, which I find both flattering and a little unnerving. :shrug:

Shawn plugged his own blog in his comment: Transameriblog: a firsthand account of reality tv dating, transgender style. In that blog, he recaps the episodes from a “behind-the-scenes” perspective, weighing in the show, the events, and the editing, as well as a bit about how this newfound reality fame is affecting his regular life. It’s an important point of view to consider, since no one knows the reality of the situation better than the people who lived it.

Reading Shawn’s blog reinforces my perception of him: he’s a laid-back kind of guy with a good sense of humor. After a bit of cyber-stalking (not really stalking, actually), I discovered via his MySpace page that he has superb taste in music: among his “top friends” on MySpace are the Afghan Whigs, PJ Harvey, Bad Religion, Elvis Costello, the Cure, Sonic Youth, Matthew Sweet and Madder Rose (who I saw open years ago for Bush). Awe. Some.

Shawn’s comments about Mark the Razor (or Razza, as he says) reminded me that reality television is edited to make actual people into characters: although Mark said all those mean things I saw him say, there are probably things about Mark we didn’t get to see. The show needed a bad guy (c’mon – every show needs a bad guy) and Mark was handy and available.

Some things to think about there…

In the meantime, big ups to Andrea James and Calpernia for linking to my blog in their round up – you ladies have increased my daily hits hugely. Thanks!