I had the good fortune this weekend of having two incredibly delicious meals.

Saturday evening, after receiving her First Official Workforce Paycheck, Donna insisted on taking me out for the Sushi Love Boat at our favorite local sushi bar to celebrate her new financial independence. It looked something like this:

with a rainbow roll, an Out-of-Control roll, sashimi, and nigiri. It was wonderful: the sashimi was incredibly fresh, and the tuna just melted on my tongue. There was some sort of shellfish sashimi, clearly claw meat, that we guessed was lobster – it was fantastic, with a perfect texture and a lovely buttery flavor. Donna laughed at how brave I was about tasting it: just a couple years ago, I declined any invitation to sushi, but on Saturday I just grabbed the shellfish with my chopsticks and shoveled it in.

Of course, the Love Boat was huge, and we ended up taking some home for late-night snacking.

Yesterday afternoon I got a craving for Indian food – again a relatively new addition to my personal menu (I tried Indian for the first time in 2006). I spotted Coriander Indian Bistro, a restaurant in a plaza about 20 minutes from home, while I was out on Friday evening, so we ventured there last night. After complaining for several months about the lack of any Indian restaurants in the area, I can only say:


The place was great. The decor was awesome – shades of oranges and deep yellows with great red accents; the staff was super friendly and attentive; the food was incredible. I had Kadai Chicken, a very spicy chicken dish with lots of chiles and tomatoes; Donna had some sort of tomato-and-honey paneer dish. The whole meal was heavy on cilantro, which is my favorite herb, so I was in heaven. We finished it off with a delicious Masala Chai ice cream.

I felt last night like I wouldn’t eat for a week. I’m looking forward to leftovers today, though…

6 thoughts on “gluttony”

  1. mmmm sushi!
    We love Coriander! Soo good, there is an awesome cookbook we have that you can make some stuff at home.

  2. mmmm sushi!
    We love Coriander! Soo good, there is an awesome cookbook we have that you can make some stuff at home.

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