My professor handed back our first papers last night; I got an A. Hooray! Honestly, though, I worked fairly hard on the paper and would have been disappointed and a little surprised to see anything less. The prof also wrote some nice comments on it. Not everyone was so satisfied with the response to the paper, though – one girl threw a temper tantrum in the middle of class, stomping out in tears and returning 20 minutes later to sniffle and mutter her way through the rest of class. :shaking head: The prof also identified an opportunity for me to potentially get some scholarship money, based on my status as a women’s studies major. Sweet!

We had to read a really interesting article by Judith Lorber last night called “The Social Construction of Gender,” in which Lorber discusses the inaccuracies and inefficiencies of categorizing people by sex and gender – I thought there were some really good opportunities for discussion on gender as a social concept, but mostly the class was fixated on the idea of unisex bathrooms (it’s only slightly relevant). Although there was the 2 or 3 minutes that were spent on trying to teach the Korean professor how to pronounce “hermaphrodite” with an American accent. Finally I just interjected, “Why not say ‘intersexual’?”

I thought last night’s class was considerably less frustrating than previous classes. I’m not sure why that was, since the subject matter was a bit more radical and progressive than previous discussions, but hey – I’m not complaining.