So I blogged about this a few months ago when I first heard about it: Calpernia Addams has a new reality-dating show, premiering Monday, February 11. Transamerican Love Story will run in the 10 pm timeslot on Monday evenings on Logo, the all-gay-all-the-time cable channel owned by MTV Networks.

So now that the premiere is so close, we can all check out the TLS website, which features a brief synopsis of the series and cast bios. Let’s take a look at some of the cast, shall we?

Calpernia Addams is, of course, the bachelorette seeking love in this story. A decorated war veteran, Addams is an actor, author, activist, and producer – alongside Andrea James, she runs Deepstealth Productions.

Andrea James is the requisite sidekick – every dating show bachelorette needs one, right? I have a feeling James will be the Sister Patterson to Addams’ New York. (Ok, well, maybe that was a bad analogy.)

Alec Mapa, the self-proclaimed “Filipino who changes the sheets around here,” is the host of the show, most likely tasked with delivering notes to the men courting Addams. Oh, Alec Mapa, you’re better than a dating show host, really you are.

So, now that we’ve covered them, let’s take a look at a few of the contenders for Calpernia’s heart. There are eight gentlemen competing here, and they span a wide range of ages, experiences and professions. I’m only going to take a look at a few – these are my entirely unscientific predictions for the show:

Best Suited to Calpernia, and Rachel’s Pick for Winner:
Rich, 37: Originally from New York City, Rich now lives in LA. He’s a yoga teacher, and he’s handsome. He’s also straight, but is open to dating a transwoman, and considering the yoga junkies / teachers I have had contact with, he’s probably going to be fairly relaxed about the whole thing. HOT.

Worst Suited to Calpernia, and Most Likely to Try to Win Her Heart For Jesus:
Mike, 25: A personal trainer and a practicing Christian, Mike scares me a little bit. I mean, maybe he’s the kind of Christian every queer person hopes for – open-minded, tolerant, accepting – but those are the kinds of Christians, usually, that don’t call themselves “practicing Christian with solid morals.” Hm.

Biggest Drama Queen:
Peter, 25: He’s bisexual, hasn’t dated in 7 years, and proposed to his last boyfriend (which would make him about 18 at the time). Yeah, big time queen.

Biggest Waste of a Perfectly Good Contestant Slot:
Barry, 45: He’s an actor. ‘Nuff said.

So, will you be watching?