Pardon the frantic updating; my brain is making up for yesterday’s lack of entry.

In case you were worried that misogyny and sexism were broad, poorly defined concepts existing only in dusty encyclopedias and dictionaries, I’m here to reassure you: both concepts are alive and well today. So, since I’m getting all political and feminist and stuff, I thought I’d start a new set of entires, to be classed under this “Everyday Misogyny” label. Here’s the inaugural entry for the label:

I had a brief conversation today with a friend over instant messenger. In that brief span of time, he managed to say some pretty obnoxious things:

Me: I’m downloading all the texts I need to read for my women’s studies class.
Him: women’s studies?
Him: like how to clean and make babies?
Me: Fuck off, dude.
Him: lol, just kidding.
Him: I forget just how sensitive you are in that area.

I find it disheartening that any man today, let alone any man that I happen to call a friend, finds it amusing to make jokes about the value of women in our society as housekeepers and babymakers. We have a woman fighting to be on the presidential ballot, and yet we’re still making “Barefoot and Pregnant” jokes. Really, have we progressed at all? And then I’m being told that I’m “sensitive” – well, yes! Jokes about the problematic views that our society holds aren’t really funny, and so I’m not bound to find them amusing in any way. I am prone, however, to getting annoyed about them, and responding with the standard, “Fuck off, dude.”

:shaking head: