Albuquerque’s first murder this year may be a hate crime:

Friends are mourning the death of Albuquerque’s first murder victim, and fear the murder may have been a hate crime.
Patrick “Patricia” Murphy, a drag queen well known in the community, was a regular performer at Sidewinders Bar.

Murphy was shot to death in her home by someone she knew – Dana Madsen, a 33-year-old man who admitted to shooting Muprhy, is claiming self-defense. Murphy’s friends, however, are expressing concern that Madsen may have committed the murder due to discomfort with his own sexuality.


I have never really understood the argument that right-wingers and social conservatives offer about queer people, which is that we somehow infect the rest of the normal world with our perversity and sickness. Some of the (unsubstantiated) claims I’ve heard:

  • Gay marriage is destructive to straight marriage.
  • Gay people recruit children to join the ranks of our unofficial homo army.
  • All pedophiles are gay.
  • All gays are pedophiles.
  • Gay people seek to undermine the foundations of all normal culture.

Of course, most people who make these claims don’t distinguish between gay men, lesbians, transpeople, drag performers, and other sexual “deviants,” so the word “gay” can be fairly extended in these generalizations to the other groups I mention here.

It strikes me today that Patricia Murphy likely wanted to just hang out with her friends, have some fun during performances, and find a meaningful relationship, like most other people. Of course I didn’t know her, but until evidence comes out to refute this, I’m going to operate under the assumption that she was not seeking to destroy any marriages, recruit or molest any children, or do anything about the greater culture of our nation.

Based on the limited information I have about Albuquerque (half of which comes from Wikipedia and the other half of which comes from a friend who once visited the city on a business trip), it’s an economically depressed city with a median annual income of around $46,000 for a family. As my friend said, “It’s not a happy place at all.” Patricia Murphy, as a resident of the city, was probably just trying to keep on keeping on as best she could. She’s the one who was killed. Not the one doing the killing.

Yet, in some circles, she would be called the corrupt one.