Despite the way it felt, this year was actually a pretty good year for me. Check this out:

  • I finalized a divorce, during which time my ex and I managed not to kill each other.
  • I maintained an apartment for more than a year without undergoing financial ruin.
  • I was accepted to Rutgers so I can get my shit together, finally.
  • I came out, to a mostly supportive audience.
  • I didn’t lose any friends this year, I made a few new ones, and I reconnected with two I hadn’t spoken to in years.
  • I learned how to navigate New York City alone without hyperventilating.
  • I was nominated for two Pushcart Prizes, from US1 Worksheets and from Shit Creek Review.
  • I had eight poems accepted for publication by various journals in 2007, more than any other year to date.
  • My chapbook was accepted for publication by Finishing Line Press.
  • I was nominated for a Best of the Net award by Thick With Conviction.
  • There was that whole Skin Radio thing, where my poems ended up on the radio and I got to participate in their live Slam and Jam night.

And, best of all, Jacob told me he thinks I’m the prettiest, best mom in the universe.

Not too shabby.