I started Weight Watchers last week. I’ve seen too many photos of myself recently that I don’t like, and I was kind of tired of looking like the less-attractive friend that the wingman has to deal with. (Not that I put myself in those situations, mind you – and by the way, I find that whole idea of wingman/pilot/target incredibly offensive and sexist.)

So today was my first weigh-in, after a week of eating according to the Weight Watchers points plan. I lost four pounds in the first week, something I’m really happy about. Hooray! So it seems that I started well, and I feel doubly encouraged now.

I’m aiming to lose about 30% of my body weight, total. That sounds like a lot, and it is – but trust me, I can afford to lose it. I figure it will take me nearly a year to get there, which is fine, because at least I know I’ll be doing it the healthy way. And hopefully by next summer, I won’t be afraid of being one of the matronly-type women at the swim club that A lovingly refers to in her poems (though I don’t imagine I’ll be one of the string-bean-thin bikini girls, either).

So, I figure if I can at least maintain through December (what with all the parties, eating out, and a trip to California on the calendar), I can start in earnest in January with renewed vigor. And maintaining won’t be too hard – my parents kindly donated a recumbent exercise bike to the “Get Rachel Healthy” cause. I’ve managed to use it pretty much every night since I got it, for about a half hour each time, and it’s awesome.

Hooray for feeling better.