fun with financial aid

I don’t know if this is an omen, or what, but I spoke to the financial aid office at Rutgers today, to try and square away some funding for the spring. After holding for a cumulative total of about a half an hour, crying in frustration (quietly, so the rep didn’t hear me), finishing the rep’s sentences (“You need to fill out the um…” “The FAFSA?” “Yeah, that.”), and informing her three times that I’d already filed the FAFSA, the conversation went like this:

Rep: You’re not eligible for any aid.
Rachel: Nothing at all?
Rep: No. You make too much money.
Rachel: For grants.
Rep: Right.
Rachel: What about loans?
Rep: Oh, um. Maybe. How many credits will you be taking?
Rachel: Just three in the spring.
Rep: You may not be eligible for loans unless you’re half time. Hold on. [puts me on hold, comes back] Oh. You can get unsubsidized loans.
Rachel: Ok. Now how –
Rep: You’ll be eligible for $4500.
Rachel: Ok. Thank you.
Rep: [silence]
Rachel: Oooook. Now how do I go about securing those loans?
Rep: Oh. Um. Did you fill out the FAFSA?
Rachel: *banging head on desk*

It turns out that I don’t actually have to do anything; I just have to sit and wait for Rutgers to mail me financial aid documents. Somehow, this makes me vaguely uncomfortable…

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