I’m leaving for California in 22 days. I love it there – it has quickly become my favorite non-Jersey place to be. My plan is to fly into Sacramento on the 19th, spend a day and a half in that area, and then depart for the Central Coast with my brother Ron and his wife Danika, where we will spend the next four days (including Christmas) with his in-laws – who are, by the way, very fun people.

I’ll have about half a day on Wednesday and all day Thursday to kill some time – I think both Ron and Danika will be working those days (although he swears he can pick me up at the airport), and since he’s begun using public transportation, I’ll have a car available to drive around. I have some very vague plans to meet up with Jon in San Francisco, but even if those fall through (it will be, after all, the holiday season) I think I’ll venture into the city alone. There’s a long list of things I want to do in SF – to name a few:

I don’t know how many of these are actually possible in a day, since I know Californian traffic is sick, and San Francisco is not small. But hey, whatever – I’ll work it out.

Any other suggestions, anyone?