Friday night, I relived high school for a few hours – and it was as awkward as I remember it being. The good thing is that I’m not the only one who hasn’t finished my degree, although I was the only one there, it seemed, who’s managed a divorce already.

It was less eventful than I’d anticipated. There was no major drama, no fights or rehashing of old circumstances, which was nice. But there were no big realizations, no reconnections that I would have missed otherwise. People are pretty much the same – old quirks, thought patterns, bitterness, everything.

I did notice that I was more interested in talking to Frank, who I never knew that well, than I was in talking to any of the several women who I’d considered good friends. Funny, that. Then again, Frank was sincere, kind, and genuinely interested in what’s happening now. He wasn’t all that worried about what happened ten years ago.

It’s odd that of everyone who showed up, I was one of maybe three people who felt I had the least to prove. Most people were either apologizing for or bragging about their current circumstances. I didn’t feel I had anything to apologize for. I was told by no less than five people, “Well, you look really happy.”

And I am.