Yesterday being Halloween, I took the day off to do Halloween things with Jacob. Some pictures follow:

First there was a parade at his school:

And then a Harvest party, at which we made little spidery things:

Then we went home for a brief rest and some dinner (those are vampire teeth):

before heading over to A’s house, where Jacob promptly began macking on the ladies:

followed by some trick-or-treating:

He only lasted about a 40 minutes before he decided he was tired and wanted to head back to A’s house to wait for everyone else. Poor kid.

In other news, I came out last night to the mother of one of the kids we were trick-or-treating with, without really knowing I was going to do it. The conversation went like this:

The Other Mom: Rachel, are you still smoking?
Rachel: No, I’m not.
The Other Mom: Damn. Well, when did you stop?
Rachel: Technically I quit last December, though there have been some occasions since then where I had a cigarette.
The Other Mom: Oh, well that’s really good. Why did you quit?
Rachel: Well, you know I’m dating again?
The Other Mom: Oh, and the guy doesn’t like it?
Rachel: Ummm, actually it’s a girl.
The Other Mom: [surprised] Oh! Oh. Well.
Rachel: And I like her, so I stopped smoking.
The Other Mom: Oh. Well, does she have any friends?
Rachel: [frantically trying to assess that comment] Uhhh…
The Other Mom: ‘Cause, you know, my sister-in-law just broke up with her girlfriend.
Rachel: [relieved] Oh. Well. Actually, we don’t really have many gay friends. They’re mostly straight.

Good times.