Two relatively strange occurrences this evening (strange in their proximity, not in their occurrence):

-6:55 p.m., doorbell rings. I walk down the steps in turtle pajama pants and a tank top, desperately trying to find a reason not to let my landlord, who I’m assuming has made a surprise appearance, into my very messy apartment. I open the door not to my landlord, but instead to two young, handsome men. They introduce themselves; one shakes my hand. The other one says, “We’re here this evening to talk to you about the goodness of Jesus Christ.” I mumble something about not being interested, to which the talker responds, “Not interested in Jesus? Well, he’s interested in you.” I smile and thank them as politely as I can, but then close the door in their faces.

Note to any proselytizers: I’m a queer atheist who also happens to be single-momming it for a good portion of the week. I lost interest in Jesus a long time ago. Save your breath.

-8:03 p.m., Jacob enters the bathroom to brush his teeth. He tells me, “Did you know if you don’t pray every night, the devil will enter your body and take it over?” He is visibly shaken and concerned about this. He brushes his teeth and climbs into bed, still concerned. After reading two stories, I talk to him about how praying can happen anytime, and at any place. I explain if he really wants to talk to God, he can do it in his head – it doesn’t even have to be out loud. I also explain that the Devil will not take over his body, and that I will always do my best to protect him. He seems satisfied, and heads off to sleep. I am preparing for a middle-of-the-night visit from him, after he wakes from a nightmare.

Note to anyone at all who may interact with my son (or other vulnerable 5-year-olds): scare tactics to enforce religious dogma? Booooo.